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Textile cable color 3 x 0.75 mm2 colored braid

Textile cable color 3 x 0.75 mm2 colored braid

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Quantity discounts. Our company is a manufacturer of Bohemia design GIMPED textile cables. The product is manufactured in the Czech Republic.

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Producer: Bohemia design

Our textile cables meet the safety of the responsibility as mechanical wear, heat and fire resistance.
Unlimited color options of more than 1,000 shades of colors and patterns.
For manufacturers, traders, designers and architects, we offer the opportunity to purchase at wholesale prices.
Our products are suitable for chandeliers, lamps, lamps, period lights

Technical parameters

3x0,75mm2 power cable for portable appliances.

1. Stranded copper conductor, class 5
2. PVC insulation
3. PVC sheath
4. textile braid

Voltage: 300/500 V
Temperature range: min. -25 ° C max. +70 ° C
Sheath color: White
Wire color: 1 x brown + 1 x blue + 1x green-yellow
conductor cross-section: 0,75 mm2
cable diameter: 5,5 mm


Discount according to quantity:

For wholesalers and distributors significant discounts

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